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Since 2002, the Clerk's Office has electronically scanned adult court documents that come into the office as part of our Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). To increase accuracy and efficiency, and improve the legibility and overall quality of our scanned images, we recommend the following guidelines:

  • Document Tabs/Dividers
    • Avoid using tabs on divider sheets. Tabbed pages cannot be scanned; if they are preferred, use only with the copy of the document sent to the judge.

  • Blank Pages
    • Avoid using blank pages as dividers. Instead, insert a page with text, such as "Exhibit A".

  • Colored Paper & Photographs
    • Avoid colored paper, colored inks, highlighted text, and photographs. These may create images which are difficult or impossible for black and white scanners to process. In some cases, highlighting actually redacts (blacks out) the text underneath during scanning.

  • Case numbers
    • Ensure pleadings have the correct case number to prevent delays in processing.
    • Use standard case number format (CV2012-000123); in criminal cases, include the defendant identifier (CR2012-000123-001).
    • Avoid using multiple case numbers on a single document; if multiple numbers are used, circle or mark the case number in which the document should be placed.

  • File Stamp Space
    • The upper right corner of documents must remain blank to allow for the Clerk's filing stamp. All other document stamps, captions, letterhead, etc. must be placed elsewhere on the document. Documents with anything in the upper right corner that interferes with the filing stamp may be rejected by the Clerk.

  • Back Sides of Pages
    • Avoid placing text, stamps or other information on the back side of pages whenever possible. The scanning equipment is set to scan content on the back sides of pages; however, if the amount of information is minimal and most of the back side of the page is blank, the information may not be detected and the back side will be deleted as a blank page.
    • On the other hand, extraneous information placed on the back side of a page, such as "Received" stamps and other notations not meant to be part of the document are sometimes detected by the scanning equipment and made part of the permanent record.

  • CD's, DVD's, etc.
    • Do not include non-standard items with paper filings, such as CD's, DVD's or other items that cannot be scanned. Their contents, or any items that do not comply with Court rules, should either be filed electronically or, if appropriate, submitted in physical format as a courtroom exhibit. Non-standard items that cannot be scanned will be disposed of.
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