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Payment Options
The Clerk of the Superior Court's Office accepts cash, money orders, wire transfers, credit cards, and debit cards (run as a credit card transaction) as reliable forms of guaranteed payment for filing fees. Restitution, purge payments, bonds and civil arrest warrants are subject to limited forms of payment.

Valid money orders must be imprinted with a recent date (not older than 20 days) and may not be altered in any manner to be an acceptable method of payment. The numbered dollar amounts on the money order must agree and be imprinted/written in English.

Credit or debit cards must be imprinted with the cardholder’s name and requires the signature to be verified with matching government issued identification for acceptance. EXCEPTION: Credit card and debit card payments are not accepted for "CR" case types.

Personal checks, business, and cashier’s checks will be refused when presented at a filing counter as payment for services. EXCEPTION: Clearly identified business checks imprinted with the firms business address will only be accepted from law firms, process servicers, runner services, and certified document preparers as payment for fees.

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