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The search page is accessed from the Clerk of Court main web page.   The user shall click on the link titled 'Notary Bonds' which is located in the Financial Services section of the page.

From the main Notary Bond page, the user will click on the 'Notary Bond Search' link located at the bottom of the page.

When conducting a search, the only required field is the party's last name.   Entering additional identifying information will help to limit the results that are returned.   A list of all parties fitting the criteria entered will be displayed in a list.   You may click on your name to view the details of your Notary Bond Application.

Please enter:

  • Last Name
  • First Name and/or
  • Middle Name/Initial
  • Click 'Begin Search' to search or
  • Click 'Clear Fields' to clear the fields and begin a new search

Having clicked on 'Begin Search' the user will be directed to the search results page. This page will display the Last Name, First Name, Middle Name and, if applicable, the date the certificate was mailed, for each of the parties that match the criteria entered.

If the user then clicks on the party's last name, additional information will be displayed advising of the status of the request and whether or not a trouble letter has been sent to the applicant.

If you enounter any difficulties please contact a Clerk of Court representative at 602-506-7913.
Frequently Asked Questions
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