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The Superior Court in Maricopa County allows for electronically filing a document with the Clerk's Office. Options for electronic filing include the Supreme Court's statewide eFiling system: AZTurboCourt, or, in some situations (including Family Court and Criminal), the Clerk's eFiling Online system.

As outlined in Supreme Court Administrative Order 2014 - 99, attorneys e-filing Civil subsequent filings are required to e-file through the Supreme Court's AZTurboCourt e-filing application: www.azturbocourt.gov.

The following links provide more information related to eFiling:

  • Training (AZTurboCourt): Click Here

  • Supreme Court Administrative Order 2014 - 99, "Administrative Order Governing E-Filing in the Superior Court in Maricopa County": Click Here

  • eFiling Guidelines (Applies to all documents filed with the Clerk): Click Here

Please visit the eFiling Service Providers below for more information on services, training and support.



AZTurboCourt.gov - AVAILABLE NOW for Civil subsequent filings (Case initiation is filed on paper)

AZTurboCourt is the statewide e-filing service managed by the Supreme Court's Administrative Office of the Courts. This fee-based service is mandatory for attorneys in most civil filings after the case is initiated and will walk you through the process of preparing your court case online.

For general information about AZTurboCourt and links to register for free AZTurboCourt training, go to:


  Please be advised that attorneys e-filing Civil subsequent documents are required to e-file through AZTurboCourt. See Supreme Court Administrative Order 2014 - 99.

logo Maricopa County eFiling Online
The Clerk of the Superior Court’s basic eFiling system. eFiling Online is available for Criminal and Family Court case type pleadings. Visit below for more information. All Criminal eFiling must occur by utilizing the Clerk’s eFiling Online website.

Go to https://efiling.clerkofcourt.maricopa.gov

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