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You can access the public information portion of the Court and Clerk's computer system by visiting the Customer Service Center at 601 W. Jackson (Phoenix), The Southeast Court at 222 E. Javelina (Mesa), the Northwest Court at 14264 W. Tierra Buena Lane (Surprise), or the Northeast Court at 18380 N. 40th Street, Suite 120 (Phoenix). You will find computer terminals that access the Integrated Court Information System (iCIS), which allows search capability of both iCIS cases and information available in the L-Index (an archival listing of past cases/documents, with minimal identifying information). This means you can view case, party, docket, and judgment information from the computer terminal. You can also access and print scanned images of documents.  

This program allows the customer:

  • To research cases and images without paper files.
  • Greater access to a file, because electronic files are not "checked out," allowing more than one person to review the same file at the same time; and
  • To save time and money by eliminating waiting in line to request a file, and reducing the wait for copies to be made.

Some terminals allow you to print court documents; most public access terminals have access to Court Minutes/Minute Entries, iCIS Public Access, Case History, and Marriage License Look Up. All linked images (documents) are available except those not allowed to be viewed, e.g. mental health, sealed, juvenile, etc. This means most images from adult case types are available.

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