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Criminal Financial Obligations
The Criminal Financial Obligations (CFO) Unit is responsible for processing payments paid on criminal cases into an automated financial system. Funds are applied to court ordered sanctions on a case and are allocated and disbursed according to the Arizona Office of the Courts Priority of Offender Payment guidelines. CFO is responsible for keeping detailed financial records, called a payment history, on all criminal cases.

Accepted Form of Payment
Payment must be in the form of a money order only. All other forms of payment will be rejected and returned to the sender.

The defendant’s full name and complete case number must be noted on the payment to ensure it is applied to the correct account.

Where to Make Payments
Court ordered financial sanctions can be paid at the Adult Probation offices throughout the valley as specified by Adult Probation.

Payments may also be mailed directly to the Clerk’s Office:
Adult Payments to:
Clerk of Superior Court
P.O. Box 25339
Phoenix, AZ 85002
Juvenile Payments to:
Clerk of Superior Court
Juvenile Division
P.O. Box 19250
Phoenix, AZ 85009

Victim Information
The CFO Unit is also responsible for the disbursement of court ordered restitution payments. Each year thousands of dollars fail to reach the intended recipient because of inaccurate address information. It is imperative that current victim address information be on file to ensure payments are promptly forwarded to the recipient. Address change forms may be submitted via email or mailed to:

Clerk of Superior Court
Attention: CFO / CCB
201 West Jefferson
Phoenix, AZ 85003
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