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The Billing/Deferral Unit establishes billing accounts for persons who have filed an application requesting to have filing fees deferred. In addition, other accounts established by the unit include billing accounts for jury fee judgments, complex litigation cases, court ordered fees, or fines resulting from failure to comply with an order of the court.

Other responsibilities of this unit include submitting non-paying parties to the Tax Intercept program so that tax return funds may be intercepted and applied to debts due to the court; preparing an itemized claim requesting reimbursement from the State for prosecution costs of incarcerated prisoners as authorized by ARS 31-227(a).

This unit is responsible for processing payments received on billing accounts. Payments may be made with Visa, MasterCard or American Express by calling (602)37-CLERK(25375), please have your case number available.

Payments may also be mailed and must be in the form of a money order. All other forms of payment will be rejected and returned to sender.

The parties’ full name, case number and account number must be noted on the money order to ensure payment is properly applied.

Please remit payments to:
    Clerk of the Court
    Attention: Billing/Deferral Unit / CCB-B&D
    P.O. Box 25426
    Phoenix, AZ 85002
For questions regarding deferral or billing accounts please email or call (602)37-CLERK(25375).
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