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Attorney Electronic Distribution
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Terms and Conditions  
It is agreed upon by the undersigned firm and the Clerk of the Superior Court that the Clerk of Superior Court in and for Maricopa County will distribute by electronic mail, pursuant to Rule 58(e), Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure, copies of minute entries to the firm at the e-mail address listed below. The firm agrees to notify the Clerk of Superior Court of any changes in this e-mail address procedure according to the provisions of Rule 5.1(b), Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure, as it relates to updating the attorney's mailing address.

Additionally, the Clerk of Superior Court will continue to send the firm paper copies of minute entries for fifteen (15) days after the first electronic delivery of minute entries. After fifteen (15) days, the Clerk of Superior Court will discontinue sending paper copies.

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Note: The Electronic Distribution program only allows for one email address per Agency/Firm or Sole Practitioner, however, automatic routing/rules can easily be setup within individual email programs.
Attorneys: Please enter the attorney name and bar number. Use the Add/Remove links to update the number of attorney information submitted.

If you have more than 20 attorneys, please include the information in the text area below or fax your list to
(602) 506-6690.

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