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Clerk of the Superior Court Definition
An appeal is the legal process used to ask a higher court to review a judgment made in a legal matter from the trial court.

Appeals to Superior Court from a Lower Court

For information on how to appeal a decision from a Justice or Municipal court, please contact that originating court for further instructions. The appeal must be filed in that originating court.

If you have already filed your appeal in the Lower Court and the Lower Court advised you that your case has been transferred to Superior Court, please call (602)37-CLERK, or (602)372-5375.

For information about a traffic ticket or fine please contact the Justice or Municipal court shown on your ticket.

Appeals from Superior Court to a Higher Court

Appeals from Superior Court may be filed at the following file counter locations:
    Downtown Phoenix Filing Counter @ 201 W. Jefferson, Phoenix, 85003
    Mesa Filing Counter @ 222 E. Javelina, Mesa, 85210
    Northeast Phoenix Filing Counter @ 188380 N. 40th St., Suite 120, Phoenix, 85032
    Northwest Surprise Filing Counter @ 14264 West Tierra Buena lane, Surprise, 85374
Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please call (602)37-CLERK, or (602)372-5375 for additional assistance. Recorded information is available if you call after business hours.

Who can appeal?
Anyone who is a party to a case can file for an appeal.

How do you appeal?
There is no official form to file for an appeal. Therefore, on a blank sheet of paper, a person must provide the following information.

* Appellant
Name and Address________________
* Case John Doe
Mary Doe
* Case No.______
Notice of Appeal
* Body of Appeal
(What ruling is being appealed. Date of Ruling and Appellant Signature)

Once this is complete, take this Notice of Appeal form to the appropriate filing counter.

In civil cases, an index and copies of documents specified are transmitted to the Appellate Court on the 30th day from the date the Notice of Appeal was filed.

In criminal cases, a copy of the record is transmitted to the Appellate Court 45 days after the Notice of Appeal was filed.

For a listing of Superior Court fees, please click here.

More Information

The Arizona Supreme Court's Administrative Office of Courts produced a series of guides designed to assist self-represented parties in the appeals process. The guides include an overall and step-by-step process of appeal, deadlines to follow, frequently asked questions, important terms, and forms parties will need to use during the appeals process. These guides are available online at: https://www.azcourts.gov/selfservicecenter/Forms/Appeals

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