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Legal Advice V. Information

Clerks are committed to assisting you in Superior Court. To ensure fairness, clerks do not give legal advice. To view resources for obtaining legal advice and for more information on the differences between advice and information, click on the topics below.

Court Staff dos and don'ts
  • (English)   http://supreme.state.az.us/courtserv/Legal_A-I/Signage.pdf
  • (Spanish)   http://www.supreme.state.az.us/courtserv/Legal_A-I/Signage-Spanish.pdf

  • Frequently asked questions: http://www.azcourts.gov/self-help/legal-information

    State Bar of Arizona
  • Find a lawyer: http://www.azbar.org/LegalResources/findlawyer.cfm

  • Maricopa County Bar Association
  • Lawyer Referral Service: http://maricopalawyers.org/

  • Superior Court Law Library Resource Center
  • Forms: http://www.superiorcourt.maricopa.gov/SuperiorCourt/LawLibraryResourceCenter/

  • Clerk of the Superior Court
  • Forms: http://www.clerkofcourt.maricopa.gov/catalog

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